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Founder of the Karma Rehab Center and Taotherapy Method

CEO of Karma and Tautherapy College - Dr. Mizrahi Avraham




Address :

Neve Shalva - Pardes Hana Israel

The Karma rehab center operates under the license of the Ministry of Health of Israel and receives patients for rehab from drugs and alcohol and prescription pills

Karma is a private rehab center and operates with complete discretion and is not obligated to any governmental body or institutions

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The Best Addiction and Treatment Center

Karma - changing the action changes the result

The law of karma in the context of addictions, mental illness, double illness, depression, anxiety, dysfunction is related to the karma of each and every person. Karma is not destiny but is an invitation to change, an invitation to identify negative patterns, to identify destructive beliefs, to change habits and more.

As soon as a person changes the negative consciousness, he creates another beneficial and empowering reality, a taotherapy method using the 12-step approach, various meditations, techniques developed by Dr. Avraham Mizrahi create an opportunity to change the karma.

We need to accept the past calmly, and change this moment with full attention.

Tens of thousands of people have made the change, including post-traumatic ones from the security services, and are gaining a new life and rebirth through the practice and application of the taotherapy method.

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Karma Rehab Center - Rehab in a retreat atmosphere

Rehab in a spiritual and unique atmosphere

Physical withdrawal from drugs, alcohol and prescription pills

Karma therapeutic community - long-term treatment up to six months

Karma Day Center - The Day Center provides a daily framework for those completing the rehab course.

The 12 step course

Psychotherapy studies focused on trauma and addictions

At the Karma rehab center, the taotherapy method is applied, the taotherapy method combines several approaches and a unique spiritual therapeutic language that exists only in Karma. The experience for 30 years of professionalism in the field of treatment has taught us that people need to find meaning in life, a meaning that will compensate for the loss of drugs, alcohol, depression, dysfunction, mental illness or dual illness.

The Karma rehab village is located in Pardes Hana in a unique spiritual atmosphere. The basic conditions are at the highest level that exists in Israel. Each applicant receives the best conditions with close medical supervision, a psychiatrist, a nurse, a social supporter, instructors, psychotherapists, who will facilitate integration into the Karma rehab center.

Many of those who quit experience falling back into drug use, depression, dysfunction, despair, inability to integrate into the new life without the use of mind-altering substances, drugs, prescription pills, psychiatric treatments and more. That's why we developed the "Gorishankar" project to stabilize the mental system, to stabilize the process, to give a stable and serious ground for the continuation of life.

There are patients who prefer a daily framework for continued treatment, this is an excellent framework suitable for businessmen, artists, professionals, who wish to return to their normal activities, to their families, to the life they left outside, common to all is the understanding that the problem will not go away and you need to invest effort to stay clean. There are day centers in Tel Aviv and Karma Pardes Hana. There is a day center and there is an evening center for maintenance and therapeutic work.

Taotherapy, in cooperation with Karma, holds the 12-step course at the branch in Pardes Hana, at the branch in Tel Aviv, and gives an opportunity to the addicts, the husband and wife, to learn the language of recovery so that the ability to stay clean and recover will develop not only in the addict, but also in the family that suffers from post-trauma due to the addiction or Mental illness.

We at Therapy and Karma created a vision, a vision in which we believed that clean addicts, addicts who made a path could be the wounded healers, those who had personally experienced the journey of recovery and would be able to pass the news on to others. All our staff are graduates of taotherapy courses, we are proud to be pioneers, proud that we believe in our patients and their abilities. There is no unique model in the world like betatherapy that believes in the natural talent of addicts and the experience of their lives.

Therapeutic workshops

סדנאות ברוח 12 הצעדים, פסיכודרמה, טיפול באומנות,  CBT ועוד

Support groups

קבוצות ברוח 12 הצעדים , קבוצות רגשיות, שיקוף/פידבק וטיפול חוויתי- קבוצתי

Individual treatment

In-depth personal one-on-one long-term care

Couples therapy

Work on the restoration of the relationship in the shadow of the addiction and the marital trauma

Body-mind-spirit therapy

Yoga, meditation, tai chi gym and more